Sunday, December 27, 2009

Review for "Out of the Snare"

"Out of the Snare" kept me on the edge of my seat. I was hooked at the prologue. This book has intrigue, suspense, drama, and wonderfully developed characters. The author also dwells on the ability of Christ to change any person, regardless of his or her upbringing, life-choices, or mistakes, and the duty of Christians to keep trying to show Christ to the lost.

I would recommend this book to any who enjoy suspenseful fiction, written with a strong Christian influence.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thoughts on "Nan's Journey"

Nan's Journey, by Elaine Littau is an apt title. In her first published work, Mrs. Littau deals with difficult issues such as abuse, neglect, and loss in a manner that quite often stuns the reader. We travel with our heroine, Nan, as she faces a lifetime of tragedy in just a few short months. However, in the midst of pain and suffering she finds hope, healing, and love.

This historical novel transports the reader back in time 150 years with its descriptive imagery and dialogue. The author writes as if she herself were living during the age of "Monday wash days", daily farm chores, Native American tribe issues, and travel by horseback. Although written in simple language, the tragedies faced and the truths found within the pages of Nan's Journey are as relevant today as they would have been during the time the story takes place.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Second Chance "Funny"

I have to share a "Second Chance" story that was just told to me. A friend's husband (who will remain nameless) wanted to read the book, and my friend graciously allowed him to begin before she started reading it.

He was enjoying it so much, he wanted to take it with him to the hospital recently when he was going in for some "minor" surgery. My friend tried to dissuade him, saying he probably would not be in any condition to focus on reading. He packed it anyway.

Once out of surgery, before his wife left for the night, he asked again where the book was, saying he wanted to read it before going to sleep. (His wife laughed because he was on so much pain medication she knew he wouldn't be awake long.) But she placed the book by his bedside...where it remained all night, as she predicted!

But I was so excited to hear that a GUY was enjoying the book so much, that it was on his mind even while on drugs:) heehee! So here is testimony that "Second Chance" is not only for women!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Reviewing The Island of Time

Touted as "juvenile fiction", Matthew DeBettencourt has created a storyline that is anything but simple. In his novel, "The Island of Time", we find a curious mixture of innovative futuristic science, time-honored detective investigation, and old-world primitive culture.

Mr. DeBettencourt manages to use the premise of time travel in a believable manner, producing a basis for an amazing tale of adventure and intrigue. His main characters, one a respected detective, the other a dedicated scientist, find themselves on paths that seem to be leading in different directions. Yet fate and circumstance cause those paths to merge in a very unexpected and explosive manner. This novel will keep the reader wondering what will happen next right up until the last page and beyond.

I would recommend "The Island of Time" for readers who enjoy science-fiction, but don't mind a pinch of eighteenth century pirate!