Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Need a New Love Story?

Victoria Burks has created a classic in A Legacy of Love.  Young Dani McKinnon can't decide if her life has changed for the better or worse.  She finds she is an heiress to an unknown relative in Georgia, meets a dashing young lawyer who seems intent on pursuing her, and at the same time, someone keeps threatening her life.

Mrs. Burks weaves a tale of suspense, romance, and God's redemptive love in this thriller.  If you enjoy Christian fiction, you should give A Legacy of Love a try!

"Old Acquaintances" -- a New Hit

Ursula Gorman's new thriller, Old Acquaintances is an action-packed bullet train.  This fast paced mystery will have you turning pages as quickly as you can.  Gorman spares no time with long descriptive passages or extraneous back story, but cuts right to the chase.

Rissa Neil's life turns upside down when she realizes she is the target of an unknown stalker.  Her world further spins off kilter when she finds that several of her old acquaintances have been murdered.  Enter Stone, the perseptive and elligible detective assigned to her case.  Will he follow the clues to solve the killings before Rissa's assailant catches up with her?  Get your copy of Old Acquaintances today and find out!

Available where books are sold, including amazon.com.