Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Roller coaster

The past month has been as bi-polar as possible.

Thanksgiving marked the arrival of prerelease copies of my second novel, Third Time Around. I was so excited to finally have this one ready for others to read! I went to work, setting up book signings and delivering copies to all who preordered. I had the privilege of sharing the publishing process and the end result with my students, my young authors, and even students in another school.

In the midst of this excitement, however, my father-in-law, who has been battling lung cancer for two years, took a turn for the worse. He passed away on Friday. Four days before he passed he told my husband he believed he had made things right with the Lord. We hold tight to that hope.

Because I am a writer, and I process my feelings with words, I sat down yesterday and wrote a poem. This has not been an easy road for our family, and as with many others, dealing with death shows itself in many different ways. My prayer is that regardless of the circumstances, we will turn to the one true source of comfort and allow him to give us peace.

Dealing with Death

For some it is steeped with guilt
For words left unsaid
Deeds left undone
The best intentions laying in a pile of ash at their feet.

Others wail in anger and despair
At the world
At the wasting disease or cruel accident
At God for not staying his hand.

Death can reunite embittered relatives
Or rip apart the closest friends.
It is the bringer of grief

But sometimes death delivers
In knowing the loved one no longer suffers.
For an eternity spent in paradise.
At the promise of a sweet reunion one day.