Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Great Children's Book!

I had the pleasure of reading "Caroline and Rebecca: Rebecca Gets into Trouble" by Alyssa Pierce recently. As I was reading it, the teacher in me began to plan out ways to use this book in the classroom...and I thought of all my friends that teach in the younger grades who would enjoy having this book to use with teaching character education!

Caroline and Rebecca are best friends. Caroline is the more responsible of the two, while Rebecca is more adventurous. The story tells of an afternoon when the two play together in the park. When it begins to get late and time to go home, Rebecca is not ready yet. What happens (or could have happened) when Rebecca chooses to stay in the park past dark is a wonderful teaching tool. It is thankfully resolved in a way that reinforces parental concern and the importance of making good choices.

The author tells the story in a charming rhyme that children will enjoy. I would recommend this book for parents of young children and teachers of up to second grade. Ms. Pierce also has a website where she has developed lessons to go along with her book! Check them out at

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