Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What Educators Live For

As many of you know, I teach fourth grade Reading Intervention. Last week we worked on creating keynote presentations of famous people. Each student chose a biography of a famous person, read the book, took notes, created a storyboard, then transferred their information to keynote on the MacBooks.

At the end of the week, students shared what they had learned with each other. Students seemed to enjoy the process, most especially because they had the opportunity to use MacBooks. I ended the week wondering if they had actually learned anything...because of the lack of information (or wrong information) that had ended up in some of the presentations.

Maggie chose to research Louisa May Alcott. We talked throughout the week about her most famous book, "Little Women", and how it made an impact on so many young girls. This morning she proudly showed me a book she had checked out of the library. It was a picture book taken from "Little Women" (I think the title was "Marmie's Christmas Surprise".) She was so excited to let me know she had found "the book she wrote"....and I was thrilled to know at least one child was still thinking about our little project!

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  1. That's awesome. Little Women continues to inspire after so many years. There's a lively discussion going on about Louisa May Alcott at my blog, http://louisamayalcottismypassion.wordpress.com/ - come on over if you like.

    Good luck with your writing!