Saturday, September 19, 2009

Brand New Novel

I woke up from a dream one Saturday morning, after which I immediately went to my computer and began to write it down. Ten pages later I asked myself, "is this the beginning or the end of the story?"

Along the heels of that question came several others:
*Is this part of the Summers' Saga?
I didn't really think it was, and the thought of beginning a completely new story line was both intriguing and frustrating. But I reasoned, the third book in the Summers' Saga was coming along very slowly, so perhaps it was time to put it away for a while...especially if this one was begging to be told!
*When does the story happen?
I have written only in present day thus far. This story, however, had a more historical feel to it. So instead of taxis and planes, we have buggies, wagons, and trains. The time frame is during the late 1800's. It takes place in a fictional town in the midwest.
*What are the characters' names?
Names are always very important to me. If I don't like the name of a character in the book (even if I'm reading the back cover, considering a novel for purchase), I have a hard time getting engrossed in it. The names of these characters eventually made themselves known.

Here is a small teaser. Let me know what you think!

Ella Ferguson moves to the small town of Manchester when she is ten years old to live with her Aunt Grace because her parents are struggling to feed the six children they have. Ella and her aunt form a fast bond that grows stronger as the years quickly pass.

Alec Chamberlin is the oldest son of a large family who moves to Manchester around the same time as Ella. The Chamberlins are not accepted at first, because Mrs. Chamberlin is of Spanish descent. But they quickly prove themselves to be upstanding people, hard-workers, and good Christians.

Ella and the Chamberlins' second oldest daughter, Susan, become best friends. As the girls grow up together, Ella realizes one day that Susan's pesky brother, Alec, has turned into quite a handsome young man. But she is certain he continues to see her only as his little sister's best friend.

Heart-ache, danger, and the bonds of friendship continue to throw them together. Join the story and discover if Ella and Alec ever declare their love for each other, if their feelings can survive suspicion and fear, or if even their friendship will be destroyed by factors stacked against them.

This novel is as yet untitled! I'll keep you posted on its the way...the "dream" was not the beginning of the story:)


  1. Well, you have me very interested and intrigued. Can't wait till it develops into a novel. I am dieing for a good read. :)

  2. Sounds great! Wow! I'm very excited for you!