Monday, September 28, 2009

One Step Closer

This weekend I received the initial layout for "Second Chance". I almost cried just printing pages from my computer that "looked" like a book! It was absolutely overwhelming to actually see my name on the same line as "Copyright 2009". Wow...the little things!

I immediately went through each page as directed, checking for layout errors. The only ones I found were instances where the beginning of a new chapter had not been denoted. I emailed this information to my layout designer and have already heard from him that the corrections have been made.

We are practically at the end of this amazing journey now! The final step before book production (as I understand it) is this:

The layout designer will use the layout design which I have just approved to print out a single "proof" copy of "Second Chance" and mail it to me. I have this one LAST chance to proof the book, looking for other layout errors or spelling/grammar mistakes. Then I mail the book back to him, and its off to the printers!

Folks, it's really looking as if you may be able to gift your loved ones (and yourselves) with a copy of "Second Chance; a Summers Series Novel" for Christmas. How about that?!


  1. Kari, I got chill bumps when you showed me the layout today! I am so proud of you for following your dream to fruition. Best of luck to you on the release of your first novel.(Don't forget our "deal" when they make the movie!) ;)

  2. I am already her assistant when she gets rich Amy! I too am very proud of you Kari and can't wait to own my autographed copy of the book. I am thinking several members of my family will be getting a copy of this book. :)

  3. Amy, you are the first one I'm calling when we sign WM.:)

    Becky, you know I'm taking you w/ me if this thing ever gets that big:)
    Love you both, and I never would have made it this far without great friends to encourage me and give me advice!!