Saturday, October 17, 2009

Review for Wisdom Hunter

I will confess that I almost gave up on this book. Halfway through the novel I felt overwhelmed with the sense of hopelessness and despair, the anger towards God, and the tragedy of loss experienced by Jason Faircloth, the main character. I wanted to give up as much as he did. The continual struggles and unanswered questions were almost more than I could bare. Honestly, it was only a sense of duty to Multnomah publishing, who had provided the book for review, that prevented me from putting the book aside.

Let me say that I am now very glad I didn't. As much as the first part of this story is filled with heartache, tragedy, anguish, and self-hate, the second part is filled with healing, renewal, and the ministry of God's faithful once they realize and accept his love for them.

This is not a "feel-good" read. It is not an adventure story. It is a thought-provoking tale of one man's journey from living life in cold, self-righteous piety to discovering God's true purpose for him: being an unreserved, compassionate, selfless servant of God.

I would like to thank Multnomah for giving me the opportunity to review this book, and Randall Arthur for having the courage to author it. I would recommend this to other adults who are willing to bare up through the pain of this novel to discover the underlying truths within its pages.

--Karina Harris, author of "Second Chance"

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