Thursday, November 19, 2009

Unexpected Blessings

The past month has been especially hectic, though I am not complaining! The books arrived. I began selling them. I set up three different book signing events, made promotional posters/emails for each, and started a bi-monthly newsletter. Oh, and I made the front page of our local newspaper with an article telling about "Second Chance". The response of friends has been overwhelming. I can not say enough about how wonderful everyone has been!

Yet, in the midst of this buzz of activity, I have received blessings that I hoped for, prayed for, and then was surprised when I received them. Please allow me to explain.

As most of you know, I have been an elementary school teacher for 13 years. One outcome I hoped for through the recognition of being a published author was the opportunity to speak to and inspire children and teenagers. Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity of speaking to three different third grade classes about my experiences with writing and getting published. In one class, two little girls brought me stories they had written. It was so wonderful to share encouragement and enthusiasm with them!

Today I was in another teacher's room for a few minutes. Out of the blue, a little boy quietly raised his hand and said my name. When I walked over to him, he whispered, "Mrs. Harris, I'm working on a book. It's called Karson and His Brother." It brings tears to my eyes even now, just thinking about it. I told him how awesome that was, and that I would love to read it when he was finished with it.

Children who come to me for Reading intervention are asking if we can work on getting their books published while in my class. (I must reluctantly say no to this request...)

Thank you, Lord, for putting children in my path. Help me not to forget that others are always watching. And may whatever I write be not only entertaining, but uplifting and inspiring as well.

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