Friday, December 4, 2009

Reviewing The Island of Time

Touted as "juvenile fiction", Matthew DeBettencourt has created a storyline that is anything but simple. In his novel, "The Island of Time", we find a curious mixture of innovative futuristic science, time-honored detective investigation, and old-world primitive culture.

Mr. DeBettencourt manages to use the premise of time travel in a believable manner, producing a basis for an amazing tale of adventure and intrigue. His main characters, one a respected detective, the other a dedicated scientist, find themselves on paths that seem to be leading in different directions. Yet fate and circumstance cause those paths to merge in a very unexpected and explosive manner. This novel will keep the reader wondering what will happen next right up until the last page and beyond.

I would recommend "The Island of Time" for readers who enjoy science-fiction, but don't mind a pinch of eighteenth century pirate!

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