Thursday, December 10, 2009

Second Chance "Funny"

I have to share a "Second Chance" story that was just told to me. A friend's husband (who will remain nameless) wanted to read the book, and my friend graciously allowed him to begin before she started reading it.

He was enjoying it so much, he wanted to take it with him to the hospital recently when he was going in for some "minor" surgery. My friend tried to dissuade him, saying he probably would not be in any condition to focus on reading. He packed it anyway.

Once out of surgery, before his wife left for the night, he asked again where the book was, saying he wanted to read it before going to sleep. (His wife laughed because he was on so much pain medication she knew he wouldn't be awake long.) But she placed the book by his bedside...where it remained all night, as she predicted!

But I was so excited to hear that a GUY was enjoying the book so much, that it was on his mind even while on drugs:) heehee! So here is testimony that "Second Chance" is not only for women!!

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