Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thoughts on "Nan's Journey"

Nan's Journey, by Elaine Littau is an apt title. In her first published work, Mrs. Littau deals with difficult issues such as abuse, neglect, and loss in a manner that quite often stuns the reader. We travel with our heroine, Nan, as she faces a lifetime of tragedy in just a few short months. However, in the midst of pain and suffering she finds hope, healing, and love.

This historical novel transports the reader back in time 150 years with its descriptive imagery and dialogue. The author writes as if she herself were living during the age of "Monday wash days", daily farm chores, Native American tribe issues, and travel by horseback. Although written in simple language, the tragedies faced and the truths found within the pages of Nan's Journey are as relevant today as they would have been during the time the story takes place.

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