Thursday, May 13, 2010

Proud Moments

Being a parent has been filled with memorable moments; some of them embarrassing, some of them delightful, others frightening or sad. It never fails, however, when watching one of my children perform (in whatever capacity)—I am filled with joy!

Now the moments leading up to that performance are usually filled with nervousness, anxiety, and prayers for success. But once they step on that stage, whatever they do simply brings an overwhelming delight to my heart!

Tonight my son got to play Paul McCartney in his 4th grade program. He was a last minute fill-in, because the child who was originally cast was unable to perform. Not having practiced more than once or twice didn't seem to phase Jordan though! Admittedly he did mention being nervous, but once on stage the "ham" took over. He even held the guitar "backwards" like Paul, sang all the words, and cracked everyone up with his hand signs and "strumming". It was a wonderful night! And I am so very thankful he had that opportunity to shine!

This weekend my daughter has her dance revue. This will be her ninth year! For the past two years she has performed a solo, and every year I have been amazed at how much she has grown as a dancer. I am looking forward to this revue with bittersweet feelings, because it may well be her last year. But I know once she gets on that stage, nothing will matter but getting to watch her beauty and grace!

I am filled with thanks this evening for children who are healthy, who love life, and who make me smile daily!

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  1. I know that you were just beaming with pride out in that audience! Sorry I missed it.