Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Being Still

"Be still and know that I am God." This verse is both an admonition and a promise for me.

Throughout my life, I have encountered several occasions where personality tests were given. These have told me I am a do-er. I need to be involved because my greatest desire is "to belong". I like things to be orderly. Check-lists are my friends.

As I woke up this morning on my first week of summer vacation, I immediately began to think of things that needed to be done. And the scripture above came to mind.

"Be still."

That is so very difficult for me. Part of my make-up feels that I am not good enough or pleasing unless I am accomplishing something. Guilt can be a familiar companion. But my Father tells me to be still. I cannot commune with him when my mind is filled with plans and obligations, with worries and fears. So I must make a concerted effort to put all those thoughts away for a time and simply abide.

"And know."

There is knowing and then there is knowing . Even the demons believe there is a God and they tremble. I want to be in the latter group. In order for me to truly know God, I have to be still and spend time with him. I have to meditate on his word and hide it in my heart. Knowing God is scary, because it means opening up those very deepest places where the pain and hurt of life are stored away. It means allowing him to see those places. But the truly amazing thing is he already knows us completely...and still loves us—deeply and intimately.

"that I am God."

Not only does our Father want us to know him, to experience his love, his mercy, and grace. But he wants us to know he is GOD. That should bring awe and comfort, peace and humility. The creator of the universe wants us to be still and know him!

So my hope this summer is to follow this verse. My prayer is to be still and know Him better.

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