Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hopefully Helpful Hints from a Humble Heart

I know, corny alliteration, right? Shall I dive right into the explanation?

Becoming a published author and entering the realm of book fairs, literary chat rooms, and Facebook Author groups has broadened my acquaintance with others. As a newly published author, who longs for support and affirmation from fans, I try to support those like me. I search for least one book at these venues that truly interests me. If my chat with the author is memorably pleasant, and/or the book intrigues me, I will purchase it.

So, in short, I have read more first-time authors' books in the last year than ever before. And I would like to offer some suggestions or hints to help us all become better storytellers. Many of these suggestions are practices I still struggle with in my own I offer them humbly. Most are hints not original to me, rather they have been made to me by instructors of writing, educated editors, and other more polished authors.

So the next two weeks, I will post "helpful hints" regarding the art of writing. Please keep in mind that I am in no way suggesting I know it all, or feel I am a better writer than anyone else. However, when my own weaknesses were pointed out to me, it became extremely difficult to enjoy a story when I read those same weaknesses in others' works.

Perhaps you might join me in offering insights as well? Together we can encourage each other and learn to continually improve our craft.

Hint #1 to follow shortly.

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