Saturday, August 22, 2009

A New Review

I just finished reading Kathleen Fuller's novel, "A Man of His Word". I have never read a book set in the Amish country, because I didn't imagine it would be very interesting. I will admit that I was delightfully surprised at how quickly I became engrossed in this story. It didn't take many pages to realize that the simple lifestyle of the Amish does not equal a dull story.

Ms. Fuller does a fine job of weaving a touching tale through lovable characters and honest emotions. She portrays the Amish way of life in a manner that truly puts the reader in that setting. Fuller's characters struggle with the same deep emotions many of us have faced in our own lives; questioning God's will during times of crisis, struggling with love, betrayal, and heartache. It was refreshing to read how these characters dealt with their troubles in a manner often foreign in our non-Amish world.

As I raced to the end of the story, trying to predict how the author would resolve the emotional and relational conflicts the characters faced, I was never bored. Although I knew what the end would be, I enjoyed the way Fuller brought the story to its conclusion.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a quick, easy read on a lazy afternoon when there are no interruptions to take one out of the world that Ms. Fuller so completely and charmingly pictures for us.

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