Thursday, March 31, 2011

Clarity~An Edgy YA Treat

Clarity is an amazingly well-written debut novel by Kim Harrington. I was immediately drawn into 14 year-old Clarity Fern's mind and world. I finished the book in one day—determined to find out who the murderer of the teenager in Clarity's town was. Another plus in my opinion was that I didn't have it figured out within the first few chapters! There are twists, suspense, romance, even some paranormal characteristics— Clarity's family possess psychic abilities— that would keep any young adult glued to the pages. The story ends with several unanswered questions, suggesting a sequel? I certainly would read more about the struggles and adventures of Clarity and her friends.

I have only two critiques which keep me from unreservedly recommending this book to any young teen reader. There is mild language that would offend some (including my 15 year old who does not curse). There are also a couple of lewd comments I found extremely inappropriate that added nothing to the storyline, and detracted from my enjoyment of the book. However, older teens would most likely enjoy the book with no qualms.

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