Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just As You Are

I had a moment of clarity this past Sunday.

As some of you know, I am turning 40 this year. I have bemoaned the fact to friends and family alike, at church, work, and on Facebook. I had a mini breakdown (not really, more a moment of over reaction according to my teenage daughter) a couple of weeks ago when told I needed bifocals. My friends have laughed, those older have said, "It only gets better." I remained unconvinced.

But this Sunday, we sang the song that says, "Come, just as you are to worship. Come, just as you before your God." Like the Lord has to sometimes do with me, I felt like he was standing right in front of me, his hand outstretched, indicating the words of the song and saying, "SEE?"

Christ wants me just as I am. Overweight, bifocaled, bad knees, 40 year-old me. This body is not what is important to him. It's my soul. Though my body can lift up hands and heart and voice and eyes unto the heavens in worship, he wants all of me. And he loves me just where I am.

That truth applies to you as well. Christ longs for you, the way a lover longs for his bride. He pursues you with a passion unimaginable and wants to know the depths of your being. And guess what? He doesn't require you to be outwardly perfect, or even inwardly perfect. He just wants your love and obedience. He'll make you brand new.

Just come.

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