Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Five Stars for Shaman's Spark

This book had me intrigued from the very first time I heard about it, and was so very excited when I finally received my copy. "Shaman's Spark", by Marcus Lawson is a Christian fantasy written with young adults in mind (although I fully believe it will be thoroughly enjoyed by anyone who loves fantasy).
The main characters are teenage boys who find themselves whisked into another world one night while they sleep. They awake in separate places of a land known as the Continent. They immediately become key players in an age old struggle between good and evil.
Mr. Lawson has a gift for painting pictures with words, effortlessly showing the reader all the fantastic creatures, places, and events that take place in this novel. I was whisked away right along with the boys, and found myself caught up in the action as they desperately struggle for the side of right and Adonai, the name for God in this mystical land.
"Shaman's Spark" is the first of a trilogy, and I await the next installment with bated breath!

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