Thursday, March 18, 2010

Working Vacation

Spring Break was this week. The kids and I drove to Bunkie (91/2 hours) on Saturday to visit my parents for a few days. It was not Spring Break for my mom, who works at an Elementary School in Lecompte, La. So she invited me to come to her school and share about writing and the publishing process with the students there, 3rd-6th grades.

I don't know about all of the students, but I thoroughly enjoyed the day...even though I was in school during my Spring Break! In every class there were at least three or four students who seemed truly interested in what I had to say, and wanted to know more about being a writer, getting published...what its like to be a "famous author". (I was seriously asked that question. My answer was, "I don't know. I'm not a famous author...yet.":))

A couple of fourth grade girls shared that they came in second place in a state-wide writing contest. They get to go to Alexandria to a reception. How absolutely thrilling!

There was a sixth grade girl who was particularly interested. She wanted to know what point of view I preferred writing in, and whether I did my writing on paper or computer. Then she wanted to know what software program I used. The teacher in me was on cloud nine!

I gave out bookmarks with my website and blog to each student, encouraging them to follow what is going on with me. I don't know how many students have computers at home, probably not very many. But we did discover that my website is not restricted at their school. So I hope to stay connected with some of the truly interested ones in that way.

Did I sell any books? One to a teacher. But that was not the goal of the day. I truly hope that for those who had an inkling of interest in writing, I was an inspiration. And for those who were thinking more about the PE they were missing, I hope I at least planted a seed of hope within them: if you really really have a dream, and you work really hard, and never give up—even if you don't succeed the first time, or the second...if you believe in your dream and in can make it come true.

It certainly happened with me.

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